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...advancing and enriching North American Jewish life
Disclosure:  My Dead Sea Vitality, Inc and its partners are independent distributors in good standing with Seacret Direct, LLC
 Leaving a Legacy is far greater than leaving property or money… When we focus on the roots of where we came from and the stories that transcend time, we believe in making a difference by creating purpose and meaning in the lives of those we touch today - so that our legacy continues on for generations to come.  
Izhak Benshabat, CEO
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In May of 2016, after meeting with Izhak Benshabat, Founder and CEO of Seacret Direct, it was clear that the Benshabat family had so much to offer our community.  We decided to partner with this family and created My Dead Sea Vitality, Inc.   Together, with the same mission and vision we can bring the power of the Dead Sea and the Benshabat core family values of service and leadership in conjunction with the highest quality products directly to our consumers.   
“We are building a wealthy global community, serving the world by delivering unexpected results through innovative products, opportunity and inspiration.”
The SEAcret Behind The Products
 Bringing The Dead Sea To YOU 
SEAcret Nutrition 
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2020 Vision:
To create a community whose focus is on engaging the next generation through education. In collaboration with our Legacy Builder Team, we are increasing awareness by bringing the power of the Dead Sea to the world; ultimately improving overall health from the outside in and the inside out.
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